W3C Team interim travel restrictions and guidance for continuity of operations

11 March 520彩票 | Archive

520彩票-03-25 Update: W3C Management resolved to renew and extend until July 15, 520彩票 the interim W3C Team travel policy and the guidance to not hold in-person meetings of W3C Groups.

Effective immediately and through 15 May July 15, 520彩票:

  • The W3C Team travel policy prescribes that all international travel is suspended and staff are urged to consider the importance of any domestic travel before agreeing to domestic travel other than commuting. Remote teleconferencing is recommended in place of travel.
  • W3C Management also recommends that all W3C groups not hold physical face-to-face meetings and should instead plan virtual equivalents.
  • W3M plans on updating the guidance as conditions continue to evolve.

To that effect the W3C Team has published a first version of: Continuity of Operations under Travel Restrictions.

With travel restrictions, the world relies even more on online interaction and the World Wide Web is a crucial part of the human society.

Our primary concern is individual and community health. Slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus improves the chances that health systems will have the capacity to continue to treat usual health issues plus those affected.

  • Individual and community health: take care of yourselves and those around you. Even if an individual is not personally at-risk, COVID-19 may be contagious before symptoms appear.
  • Unpredictability of border measures and quarantines: international travelers risk getting caught far from 520彩票网 or facing quarantine.
  • Unpredictability of meeting plans: many conferences are being canceled, and many localities are canceling large gatherings.

W3C Invites Implementations of Time Ontology in OWL

26 March 520彩票 | Archive

W3C has republished a Candidate Recommendation of Time Ontology in OWL. OWL-Time is an OWL-2 DL ontology of temporal concepts, for describing the temporal properties of resources in the world or described in Web pages. The ontology provides a vocabulary for expressing facts about topological (ordering) relations among instants and intervals, together with information about durations, and about temporal position including date-time information. Time positions and durations may be expressed using either the conventional (Gregorian) calendar and clock, or using another temporal reference system such as Unix-time, geologic time, or different calendars.

W3C Invites Implementations of TTML Profiles for Internet Media Subtitles and Captions 1.2

24 March 520彩票 | Archive

The Timed Text Working Group has published a Candidate Recommendation of TTML Profiles for Internet Media Subtitles and Captions 1.2. This specification defines two profiles of [ttml2]: a text-only profile and an image-only profile. These profiles are intended to be used across subtitle and caption delivery applications worldwide, thereby simplifying interoperability, consistent rendering and conversion to other subtitling and captioning formats. This specification improves on [ttml-imsc1.1] by supporting contemporary practices, while retaining compatibility with [ttml-imsc1.1] documents. It provides one new feature, which permits external font files to be referenced explicitly. One existing feature has been clarified, and no features have been deprecated in this version.

First Public Working Draft: RTC Accessibility User Requirements (RAUR)

19 March 520彩票 | Archive

The Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) Working Group with the Research Questions Task Force (RQTF) has published a First Public Working Draft of the Working Group Note RTC Accessibility User Requirements (RAUR). RAUR outlines user needs, requirements, and scenarios for real-time communication (RTC) to be accessible to people with disabilities. Accessible telecommunication technology is increasingly important for people who are working remotely and relying on RTC for daily needs. The purpose of this document is to inform the development of specifications and underlying architecture at W3C and beyond. Some of the requirements apply at the system or platform level, and some are authoring requirements. RQTF would particularly like input on any user needs or requirements that are missing from this draft. For more information, see the blog post RTC Accessibility User Requirements – Call for Review.

DOM Review Draft 18 June 2019 Endorsed as a W3C Candidate Recommendation

17 March 520彩票 | Archive

As part of working with the WHATWG until 14 April 520彩票.

Macmillan Learning and Fondazione LIA win the ABC 520彩票 Awards

12 March 520彩票 | Archive

We are happy to share that W3C Members Macmillan Learning and Fondazione LIA are the winners of the .

was recognized in the publisher category as the first Global Certified Accessible (GCA) publisher producing products and learning materials in accessible formats for students with different kinds of vision impairment.

was recognized in the initiative category for their achievements in improving the accessibility of e-books and other digital publications for people who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print-disabled.

Macmillan Learning feels strongly that knowledge sharing is important, and for us accessibility speaks to the core of our mission – to improve lives through learning. The needs for accessible educational materials are universal and extend beyond an area of focus for one publisher in one country520彩票网. We look forward to continuing to be part of a solution that enables students of all abilities to have a great learning experience.
Rachel Comerford, Senior Director, Content Standards and Accessibility, Macmillan Learning

We are really pleased that the work done by the LIA Foundation to create awareness on accessibility in the publishing industry has been recognized. This is a further stimulus to pursue our goal of creating a fully inclusive publishing ecosystem where all readers have the same opportunity to choose what they want in the publishers’ catalogues. A special thanks goes to all our stakeholders, the Italian Publishers Association and the Italian publishers, the Italian Blind and Visual Impaired Union, the Italian Dyslexia Association and the Biblioteca di Monza, without whose precious collaboration this would not be possible.
Cristina Mussinelli, Secretary General, Fondazione LIA

This prestigious award is a noted event in the field of accessibility, in a context where over 253 million people worldwide are blind or have severe to moderate vision impairment and more than 90% of these are resident in developing countries, where the World Blind Union estimates that people who are blind have only a one in ten chance of going to school or getting a job. The lack of accessible books is a very real barrier to getting an education and leading an independent, productive life, and a reason why the Accessible Book Consortium seeks to recognize leadership and achievements in advancing the accessibility of e-books and other digital materials.

Congratulations to Macmillan Learning and Fondazione LIA!

Join us in celebrating the 31st birthday of the World Wide Web

12 March 520彩票 | Archive

Tim Berners-Lee quote: The Web is humanity connected by technology.In March 1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote “Information Management: A Proposal” and with that quiet act launched an idea, the World Wide Web, that has changed our lives forever.

The Web was envisioned by Tim as a global information-sharing space that would connect people and encourage understanding and sharing of knowledge. It is now an indispensable, exciting and, in some cases a vital global commons. We are incredibly grateful to our Director, Tim Berners-Lee, for the invention of the Web, for founding the World Wide Web Consortium, for all his work to keep the Web open, international, accessible, and for his decades of inspiration to so many of us.

For 25 years, the Web Consortium has developed the foundational technical standards upon which the Web has flourished. Please read more about our values in our blog post.

If you are part of our community, helping to develop technologies for the web with the Web Consortium, thank you. Let others know that the Web was made to work for everyone. Let your family and friends know why your work at the Web Consortium –to make a web for all– matters.

Thank you again, Tim! Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!

Let’s all keep doing our part to keep making the Web and the world better.

The Web Consortium: making the web work, for everyone.

Two First Public Working Drafts for Pronunciation

10 March 520彩票 | Archive

The Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group has published two First Public Working Drafts today:

  • Explainer: Improving Spoken Presentation on the Web defines a standard mechanism to allow content authors to include spoken presentation guidance in HTML content. Also, it contains two identified approaches and enumerates their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Pronunciation Gap Analysis and Use Cases presents the results of the Pronunciation Task Force work on an HTML standard. It includes an introduction with a historical perspective, an enumeration of the core requirements, a listing of approach use cases, and finally a gap analysis. Gaps are defined when a requirement does not have a corresponding use case approach by which it can be authored in HTML.

These documents were initially developed by the Pronunciation Task Force, whose objective is to develop normative specifications and best practices guidance collaborating with other W3C groups as appropriate, to provide for proper pronunciation in HTML content when using text to speech (TTS) synthesis.

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